Piccors Development Studio


Piccors Development Studio is the innovative suggestion of our company for simpler and faster development of qualitative, high standard commercial applications. It addresses to software houses and organizations which develop applications for internal use. 

Piccors Platform Framework is the heart of Piccors Development Studio. It is a uniform platform which has the ability to host multiple applications under a single working environment while sharing their entities (business entities sharing). At the same time, it provides the suitable substructure in order for these applications to be easily developed and maintain their business logic. 

The substructure provided by Piccors Platform Framework can solve many common problems and grants much strong potential to the under construction applications: 

Easier, faster and more reliable application development 

With Piccors Development Studio the application development is easier and faster while the encouragement and support it offers to organized structure and consistency for the under construction applications is resulting to less and limited range bugs, which are easy to locate and fix, without affecting the other entities of the application. With Piccors Platform Framework the required functionality as it is referred to the application demands, is developed in levels, using object oriented programming. Each application subsystem is as independent as it can be and performs its assigned tasks while at the same time it seamlessly communicates with the rest application subsystems. This specific subsystem independence improves the design and facilitates code maintenance.

The framework undertakes the communication with the data base thus, the programmers do not have neither to spend time to edit and support SQL statements, nor to trace back to the application documentation in order to locate a field name in the database. Every field is an object property and is available to the programmer through intelligence. At the same time, the database is used only for data storage and the programmer is getting discouraged from implementing business logic to the database thus solving the software maintenance problem of both the code and the database. 

Platform level software development entity and subsystem application independence make the communication between them easy and controlled. In this way, every application can use the already existing business entities. This means that the maximum degree of code reuse can be achieved. At the same time, Piccors Platform entities, is a total of ready, completed, directly usable business entities which are common in most commercial applications. (e.g. countries, currencies, projects, users, traders, user rights, e.t.c.) as well as programming entities that simplify common functions (such as e-mail and fax). 

Piccors Platform Browser (Studio thin-client) provides extra abilities to programmers: 

Application Security 

A big emphasis has been given to the safety of the applications to be constructed. Apart from the optional access control capability through Windows Active Directory, the security service implements the whole platform security according to banking application standards. Each server call must receive authorization from the specific service, which above all controls whether it comes from a valid session (and/or a valid Mac address), thereafter it controls the call according to the user rights and finally it records (optionally or selectively) the specific call in Audit Trail.